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Oman Sultanate,offers tourists an unique travel experience hardly reachable  elsewhere in the world. Starting from the dynamic and modern capital Muscat, proud of his past and historical events to The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque .It  is the third biggest world mosque, with its big persian carpet and maravellous  swarosky chandelier, is open to tourist .The Muscate gate museum gives visitors the chance to live an experience through space and time ,from paleolitic times to Oman modern time,and more, Jalali Fort with its breathtaking landscape, Mutrah Fortes and its High tower definitely worths a visit. Waiba Sands is Oman desert area ,an open wide desert space with high dunes  where you can see camels ,residents long the way. At sunset you will live the  magical experience of sky changing colors among the dunes, welcoming the night and its shining stars.

Bimmah Sinkhole, a place where tourist are wrapped around the mystery of this  place located in the middle of the desert, inside Hawiyat Najm Park. Geologist still don’t know how this sinkhole was born and that's what make this place e mysterious .Its crystal clear water and the barren lands,create a paradise  atmosphere.
Oman forts and castles are the main tourist attractions. Bahala fort worths a  mention, located in Bahala district,since 1987 is Unesco world patrimony. The  inside of Bahala fort hosts its traditional and old market, ancient mosques  and historical walls from pre Islamic period.

Nakal Fort is certainly the most  important and known monument of the Sultanate, rich of history and ancient  culture is surrounded by amazing and picturesque garden. Moreover Its Museum shows historic guns and hosts a weekly goat market. 

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Bimmah Sinkhole

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Nakhal Fort

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Wahiba Sands

It is the most well-known by the tourist because it is easily accessible from the capital Muscat.
The region was named for the Bani Wahiba tribe. The desert cover 180km North to South and 80km East to West. 
Apart from the touristic camp, there are no permanent settlements, only bedouin temporary camps. 
The Dunes of Wahiba Sands can reach 100 meter high.

Wadi Dayqah Dam

The biggest dam in Oman. Water will be provided free of cost to the residents of the wilayat of Quriyat for agricultural purposes. The project is also economically feasible for providing potable water to the residents of Quriyat and Muscat.
To cross this wadi is to explore the Omani mountains and their natural diversity.

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Do you know the laws and traditions in Oman? I have gathered for you, the main information on current laws and customs in the Sultanate of Oman to make your stay safe and pleasant.

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